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whats the difference between me and you? [entries|friends|calendar]
.:¤:.ThEsE aRe mY ThOuGhTs, NoT yOuRs!.:¤:.

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New everything. [14 May 2004|11:17am]
New AIM s/n = x6BeAuTiFuL9x

New LJ = x6BeAuTiFuL9x

New E-mail = x6BeAuTiFuL9x@hotmail.com

yep. add me if you want.

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So fresh and so cleannn... [13 May 2004|09:44am]
Offical: I am not coming back to Roeper. I am going to Ferndale. Final. No question's asked.

Unoffical: This journal will be deleated soon-ish. I'm starting over. No more drama.

also, i think from tomorrow on, i am going to dress in public school dress code, just to get used to it. think i can do it? hhhmm..


[edit] ari ari! im sorry sorry haha, i havent seen you in too long. we are hanging out soon.[/edit]

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you've got such a pretty smile. its a shame all the things you hide behind it. [09 May 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | blah ]

this weekend was hot. chris` parents went out of town. yeaah. enough said. i spent the whole weekend there. my mother thought i was at ari's. i probably should have told ari i was "there" ...eek, my bad. friday night was spent drinking with sarah, jack and chris. we didn't have any hardcore shiz, just red wine and orange juice. actually, come to think of it, the boys didn't even drink. it was just me and sarah. "getting crunked" is what it's called, i believe. anyway, saturday night was weird. me and chris woke up, took a shower, just chilled, then jack came over, and we hung out for a while and then went to downtown birmingham. i saw david and christine. yeah. we drove back to ferndale to get josh and a couple of his friends. actually, they just didn't know where royal oak was, so we had to show them. while this was happening, i was talking to my great friend luke. oh yes. we got bacardi o. holy fuck. just thinking of it makes me want to puke. but on with the story, i outdrank chris and jack. one glass of bacardi straight and then i think 3 or 4 more glasses mixed with orange juice. lets sum it up... the last thing(s) i remember are... i was playing pool with jack, we were both laughing for no reason, i was laying on the floor trying to talk to chris and shooting a wooden toy gun... i remember jack saying i was a sad drunk, chris was a mean drunk and he is a funny drunk... then i remember it being midnight but the clock said 11 so i got confused, then i heard my phone go off, and i looked at it and it was my mom, and i actually contemplated answering it, but i didn't. i set my phone down. layed on the floor... then i don't know what happend for the next 5 hours. can you say blackout? i can. chris and jack told me i was crying hysterically, and i wanted chris to hold me and "never let go." hmm. then jack was on my phone talking to sarah and sarah told me she heard me. hhoott. i guess we went up to chris's room and i puked 7 times... said i had to go to the bathroom, so he took me down, and i didn't do anything. umm, then i puked some more and then passed out. hardcore. chris was getting pissed at me, probably because he had to take care of my drunk ass, and he punched a hole in the wall. hahaha. we have a hot story on how that happend. let me mind you, this is all while jack is on my phone talking to sarah. anyways. i woke up this morning at 10:45, in my underwear, (no nothing happend, i just puked all over myself.) i had absolutly no idea where i was/why i was there/who i was with. i looked at chris and the first thing i said was... "we didn't have sex... did we?" hahaha. he said no. i kept trying to get up, but my head was just so heavy. haaangover. i stumbled downstairs and found jack passed out on the couch, with my dead battary-ed phone. wooo. i have an amazing boyfriend. and after spending so much time with him this weekend, he's even more amazing. anyways. i went back upstairs and layed around. feeling like shit. gah. sarah went to a wedding last night, so she was all hungover. it was funny. i went home for a while and she came over, and we went out with chris again, then she tryed some of the bacardi and loved it. oh, sarah. what am i going to do with you? heh. my mom was angry i didn't come home all weekend. i understand. meh. luckily for me i'm too numb to feel how anyone in my situation would be feeling.
that, or i'm just in denial that it happened again and i hate it. another wishful thought crumbled. i don't know why, but i've heard of at least three cute couples that have broken up in the past week. it's crazy. there must be some strange being-single fad that i'm unaware of. as for today, i fully intend on being an internet whore and i think i'm going to watch 8 mile tonight, it seems like a movie night... it wouldn't be complete without a sickening amount of fattening things. tonight will be orgasmic. okay. all too often i'm told of my cold-heartedness and supposive "mean" qualities. unfortunately, very few will ever know how false that is. under layers of decay i swear there's still parts that are more kind and compassionate than anyone could've even began to imagine coming from such a dark cavity. more passion and longing to be something other than solitary and alone. more dreams soaked in optimism that you couldn't believe were spawned in such a sad, little girl. i can, though vaguely, see those rays of light shine through when i think about myself. conversations have made me realize that no one is aware of the good that i do, despite popular belief. i should try smiling more. or maybe artificially laughing. possible attempts towards more kind gestures such as opening doors or complimenting. ugh. that's not me. but just because i outwardly am not peppy suzie-highschool, doesn't mean i must be such a terrible, cynical person. i know the good. maybe that's all that should matter. regardless, my mother is still mad at me. awesome. i have to write a 3 page paper on what i did this weekend. and why. i am grounded until it's done. woot.

[edit] i am going to ferndale high school next year. not even joking. after what happend friday and after i got my academic updates... umm yeah. goodbye roeper. no joke this time. [/edit]

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i hate so many things right now. [30 Apr 2004|08:51am]
i hate my life right now. i hate the way people stare at me when i walk in, either because they hate me or because i have some clothing on that they 'dont approve of.' i hate the way my mother trys to control my everything. i hate the way i cant get everything i want. i hate the way things turn out. i hate fate. i hate my family. i hate how my mother doesnt want me to have fun, she still lets me, but with guilt. i hate the way i present myself. i hate the way my hair is too short. i hate the way my nailpolish is chipping. i hate the way that i cried already and its not even 9am. i hate when i cry and my makeup runs. i hate all these people in the library who are staring at me because of the makeup running down my face. i hate the way people hate me. i hate the fact that i go to the worst school ever. i hate the way im not 'allowed' to go in some of my good friends cars, for whatever reasons. i hate the way this girl next to me just choked and burped at the same time and made me want to puke. i hate the way i am the only white person in this room. i hate the way i have obligations. i hate the way it looks outside. i hate the way i talk. i hate the way i write. i hate the way i look. i hate the clothes i wear. i hate my eye color. i hate my nose. i hate my stomach. i hate my face. i hate my ass. i hate my arms. i hate my legs. i hate how people know the exact words to make me cry. i hate how i respond like a bitch when people are bitchy to me, when i shouldnt say anything. i hate how i am looked at as a person. i hate how people dont actually take the time to get to know me. i hate ex-boyfriends. i hate being so young. i hate not getting something i want. i hate not having my car, let alone my licence. i hate how i havent gone tanning in so freaking long. i hate how i havent eaten in 14 hours and im not even hungry. i hate how i cant sleep at night. i hate how im scared of firemen. i hate how its going to rain today. i hate. i hate. i hate. i fucking hate. i want a ciggarette. ooo. maybe that would make me not hate. random craving, eh? FUCK. why am i so angry?

i also HATE how i NEVER get comments anymore...

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i feel sick and i want to die. no not really. [29 Apr 2004|08:04pm]
stripped420's Word Usage
1. i (272) 26. with (29) 51. say (15) 76. would (11)
2. to (131) 27. chris (26) 52. had (15) 77. food (11)
3. a (103) 28. am (25) 53. who (15) 78. im (11)
4. the (93) 29. be (25) 54. she (15) 79. as (11)
5. you (87) 30. we (25) 55. up (14) 80. yes (11)
6. and (83) 31. been (24) 56. much (14) 81. when (10)
7. x (77) 32. get (23) 57. florida (14) 82. her (10)
8. my (71) 33. your (21) 58. really (14) 83. now (10)
9. o (62) 34. at (21) 59. because (14) 84. take (10)
10. it (58) 35. lol (21) 60. went (13) 85. if (10)
11. me (53) 36. love (20) 61. just (13) 86. then (10)
12. in (52) 37. ari (20) 62. got (12) 87. ever (10)
13. is (52) 38. people (19) 63. dont (12) 88. some (10)
14. of (51) 39. going (18) 64. from (12) 89. out (10)
15. like (43) 40. but (18) 65. there (12) 90. 1 (9)
16. for (42) 41. no (18) 66. think (12) 91. day (9)
17. was (42) 42. this (18) 67. back (12) 92. will (9)
18. that (40) 43. i'm (17) 68. want (12) 93. feel (9)
19. do (37) 44. its (17) 69. fucking (12) 94. last (9)
20. not (32) 45. are (17) 70. house (11) 95. tanning (9)
21. on (32) 46. know (17) 71. go (11) 96. okay (9)
22. what (32) 47. all (17) 72. were (11) 97. person (9)
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24. so (31) 49. alot (16) 74. good (11) 99. time (9)
25. or (31) 50. too (16) 75. which (11) 100. well (9)
Word Count by Hutta.

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oh dear? [26 Apr 2004|05:28pm]
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Ass
Special Talents AreStalking Your Prey
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

This is how a fucking gangsta rolls..
by starlitelily
gangsta name
gangsta jobdealer
your fucking problemyou can't read
# of times you ran from the cops58
your sayingi ain't playing
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

i am getting back into quizzes. is that bad? yes. it is bad you fucking moron. i am no longer a girl. thank you, lord. this weekend will be fun. a true partay. call me sometime. yes, you. durr.


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dude [20 Apr 2004|06:44pm]
if people do not stop telling me what to do/what to wear/who to hang out with i am going to murder somebody.

Do people not understand that i am going to do what i want no matter how hard you try and stop me? If I listened to half the people who tell me what to do, i wouldn't be being myself anymore...i'd be what others wanted to see, and thats just not cool and i'm not going for it. i am who i am, if you dont like that, dont talk to me and dont make comments...keep it to yourself.


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i want to shoot someone in the face. [19 Apr 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

times like this is when i just want to take a gun and shoot people in the face. honestly, people do not understand what i say. people do not listen to me. people do not care what i say. Just because you have a 'bad', and in this case wrong impression of someone, PLEASE do not inflict it on me. I think i am smart enough to choose my friends and i deff know what i am doing when i hang out with these so called 'bad/horrible' people.

Just because you dont like them, doesnt mean i feel the same way. you do not know anything. you never will know anything. do not fucking mess with this situtation.

YOU MEAN NOTHING TO ME AND I DONT FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU SAY ITS NOT GOING TO STOP ME. i dont care what anyone thinks of me. fuck all of you.

GOD DAMMIT I HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck!! GAHHHHHH

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sprrrrinnnngggg break ... holler! [17 Apr 2004|10:58am]
[ mood | energetic ]

fort lauderdale/west palm beach/boca raton/lighthouse point/miami/south beach/new york was amazing.

spring break 2004 what!! ooo yea. i am too lazy to type everything i did. to sum it up here are some keywords: beach, pool, pictures, shopping, tanning, hangin out with the cousins, more shopping, driving go carts (ha), boomers, etc...yes it was very fun. buuuut i am soo glad to be back home!! chris and my mom came to pick me up at the airport. they were late. ha.

i saw way too many people i knew at the airport. and i spent way too much money.

i'll have pics on here later...

how was your spring break?!

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fLoRiDa HELL YEA BABY!! [09 Apr 2004|06:50pm]
Countdown to florida: 23 hours and 40 minutes. hell yea baby!! i cannot wait. i went hardcore salvo shopping today and i saw/talked to john, jake, tom & ryan. very cool. you guys got some hot clothes.

yeep. i got a manicure and pedicure. i loove it. its so.. pink!

everyone i know is either going to cancun, florida, california or arizona. including myself.

ari just called me to say goodbye and to have a great break. such a sweetie. shes just getting on the plane. aw. i love her.

i got some sweet new cds...my hot florida-plane-ride-cds. i like them alot.

last night was really intense. i cried. it was sad. chris was sad too. which made me even more sad. long story with the conclusion of i love him and hes the best. okay. i need to finish packing and find my cd player. and uhh..take a shower. and get food. because i havent eaten all day. bad? yes.

k, so if you're reading this you better call me while i'm in florida because i have free incoming calls and no one ever fucking calls me, i always call them, so CALL ME!!

248 721 0316

or if you have a nextel..two-way me..


everyone have a great break! i get back on friday night at around 7pm-ish..call if you wanna do something that weekend..meaning next weekend! k i love you all & i'll miss most of you alot! xoxox <33olivia

okay wait..this cuz im bored..

Put x's next to the things you've done.
(x) been drunk.
(x) kissed a member of the opposite sex.
( ) kissed a member of the same sex.
(x) kissed your best friend
( ) crashed a friend's car.
( ) been to japan.
(x) rode in a taxi.
( ) had anal sex.
(x) been in love.
(x) had sex.
(x) had sex in public. (kinda...)
(x) been dumped.
(x) shoplifted.
( ) been fired.
(x) been in a fist fight.
( ) had a threesome.
(x) snuck out of my parent's house.
( ) been tied up.
( ) been caught masturbating.
( ) pissed on myself.
( ) had sex with a member of the same sex.
( ) been arrested.
( ) did other sexual acts with a stanger
( ) stole something from my job.
( ) celebrated new years in time square.
(x) went on a blind date.
(x) lied to a friend.
( ) had a crush on a teacher.
( ) celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
( ) been to europe.
(x) skipped school.
( ) slept with a co-worker.
(x) cut myself on purpose.
( ) had sex at the office.
( ) been married.
( ) been divorced
( ) had children

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2 days!! [08 Apr 2004|07:43pm]
i feel like shiznat.


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gah gah gah [07 Apr 2004|09:35am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

3 days till florida. i'm actually pretty excited. tan...tan...tan...woot!

i got a bikini. its black on oneside. and black and white splochies (is that a word?) on the other side. ie: its reversable. i like it. it kind of goes up my butt though. oh well. i'll deal. my mother told me i need to go down to south beach because you can walk around in a thong and topless. uuhh, no? is that my mothers suttle way of calling me a whore? maybe? i dunno.

i haven't gone tanning with ari in like .. 2 days. i feel so empty. me and my mother aren't on the best terms right now. i figured out this ... when i was oh.. say 9 and under, she would take away my tv whenever i was "bad". from the time i was 9-13 she would take away my computer/internet. 13-14 she would take away my cell phone. seeing as its pretty possible (for me at least) to live without a fucking cell phone, tv and computer for uhh 3 days? and she realized that it doesn't really bother me anymore. soo guess what the bitch decides to take away! my boyfriend. HA HA. what the fuck! that's a good one, mom.

she's all like .. "(blah blah) seeing as chris makes you happy (blah blah) i need to punish you (for whatever you didnt do) so i am taking him away!!"

and i'm all like "annnd how will you do that?"

then she's all like "uhhh (studder mumble, mumble) you wont be able to see him!"

sure enough that night .. chris comes over. she is such a bitch. it pisses me off.

okay. i'm glad we're friends again. you know who you are. i think its good. very good. the end.

call me while i am in florida. please? 248 721 0316

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no one knows what its like.... [04 Apr 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

this weekend has been whack. really. it has. i dunno. alot has happend and alot hasn't. lol. chris and i are doing soo good it's amazing. i wish all other relationships were going as good, i feel bad. anyway. i love ari. we went tanning again today and i got real dark.

6 days till florida. ill get even darker. i cant wait.

i babysat today and made 25.00. eh, i was broke before so i cant complain. i need to get money for florida. GRANDMAAAAA.

k i`m going to find something to do. love youu. xoxo <33 olivia

create your own personalized map of the USA


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oh shit... [01 Apr 2004|09:02am]
[ mood | complacent ]


Holy motherfucker ... I cannot believe this.

April fools. haha. i`m a funny person, eh? no.

k so these past few days have been eventful, to say the least. shit has gone down, and shit has come up. oh, i just made a new term. no actually, i probably didn`t. but anyway, i feel like some people and i have grown together alot and some of us are drifting .. alot.

which is unforunate. but i guess shit happens, and you have to deal with it in the best way possible. i have a paper due in western lit. i must do that. i also have a project due in comparitive religion. oh, school... :(

my mom yells at me. then stops because she realized nothing goes through my head that she says and shes just wasting her breath. you know, when i was little, i remember asking my mom "does it take minutes away from your life when you talk?"

..dumb question olivia. oh well, i was like .. 4.

do we even have classes today?

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holy motherfuckFUCK. [30 Mar 2004|10:31pm]
whoa i haven`t written in this bitch in a while. shit`s been qood .. i can`t really complain. i`ve made up with lots of ppl who i needed to make up with, and it`s all qood now, i feel that it was most def. needed.

i booked my tickets today for spring break. thanks to travelocity, they were exceptionally cheap. $315.90 to be exact. not bad for 6 sweet days in boca raton, florida. not to mention, a hella nice tan. (that`s really the only the only reason i am qoing. hense, seeing my grandpa and cousins, in which i have not seen in over 3 years ..) oh well.

i also discovered, the amazing house he has down there, which is like a some-million dollar house, was a drug dealers house before it was his. it was confinscated (sp?) and acutioned off at a police event, making it my grandpa's. nice, huh? i thought so, too.

i have been reciving millions of text messages lately, it`s insane. i feel so popular. ha right.

i went to canada today with my 2 uncles and my grandma. instead of doinq community service at school. hehe, i`m a rebel .. i`m tellin ya.

woo. i did alot of shopping today also. in royal oak and at oakland mall.

i got perfume from victoria`s secret .. body by victoria. and a central michigan jacket. 4 cute shirts. some ugly pants, but they were on sale. uhh .. a cute hat and a thong. i was happy.

i love shopping. people say i shop too much. do i shop too much?!

ugh. i cannot wait till florida. i leave on the 10th and come back on the 16th. i`m so excited.

call me while i`m gone and i`ll get you a present.

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my day [24 Mar 2004|09:00am]
[ mood | awake ]

as follows:

-first class at 10:05
-last class at 1:00
-sell plants with ari
-babysitting (?)
-tanning with ari
-hopefully seeing chris
-sleep for a really long time

no school tomorrow. or friday. i'm offically going to florida for spring break, the only downslide to that is that chris can't go because he has to work. =( i'll live.

the majority of today is going to be fun. i am selling plants with ari for prom. yeah buddy, get excited.

i re-did my aol profile. it's really neat. chelsea (from florida) showed me how to make all my colors pretty and stuff. i like it alot.

i am drinking a capri sun. strawberry kiwi to be exact. it reminds me of summer. ...i wish it was summer.

get ready kids, 18 days till florida... put your party hats on.

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i love cheap clothes! [21 Mar 2004|05:59pm]
so my weekend was insanely crazy/in the best way possible. friday night ari spent the night and we went and saw dawn of the dead. oooo man. lets just say... i was skurred! sat. mornin we drove up to WMU for her to look around at the campus. eh. kalamazoo is the worst town ever. lets just say that it was ghetto-hicksville. scary man, lemme tell you! lets just say... it took us 2 hours to get there and ooh about 5 to get back b/c we had no FUCKING IDEA where we were. anyway. we had many intresting expearences, and we concluded our day with a little (or alot) of hardcore TJ MAXX shopping. it was great. ari got hella cute shoes like whoa.

then! we went to national, and my chris met us there. we ate and then ari left. and chris took me home.

it was a fun night/weekend. it should happen more often. the end


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i do not care if this bores you. [19 Mar 2004|04:39pm]
I KNOW: i am olivia
I WANT: to be happy
I HAVE: to get ready
I WISH: i knew what was happening
I HATE: being worried/scared/jealous/angry
I MISS: alot of things/people.
I FEAR: alot right now.
I HEAR: music.
I SEARCH: on the internet.
I WONDER: where will i be next week? next month? next year?
I REGRET: i don't regret anything. because it was once what i wanted.
I LOVE: everyone of my close friends, chris, my family...
I ACHE: for you.
I CARE: about way too much
l ALWAYS: worry
I AM NOT: happy
I DANCE: not on your lap.
I SING: quietly
I CRY: when i get anxious/scared/i've been hurt
I DO NOT ALWAYS: trust people.
I FIGHT: not alot.
I WRITE: in my livejournal.
I WIN: nothing
I LOSE: alot
I CONFUSE: everyone
I LISTEN: not alott..
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: with ari? lol no i dunno. wherever!
I NEED: an excuse.
I AM HAPPY: when everything goes right
I SHOULD HAVE: everything i want dammit!

i am paranoid.

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ExCiTiNg!! [19 Mar 2004|02:30pm]
soo my weekend is gonna be awesome! i stayed home from school today, mainly because i could tell i was in major lack of sleep. but whatever, i probably didn't miss much anyway. tonight, ari and i are going to see dawn of the dead! what what! that'll be fun... i didn't know it was out tonight, i thought it was next friday, but hey shows how much i know. tomorrow, i'm goin with ari up to western.. ooo yeaa partyy! haha, yeah but it'll be fun, seeing as its a 3 hour drive, and her chris is at MSU this weekend, she neeeeds someone like me to tag along! yeep. sunday i have to babysit, but we are goin downtown with my mother because she wants to eat there? i really don't know, but i would assume that will be alright because i love going down to detroit for some odd reason.

hopefully somewhere in there i'll get to see my chrissss!

but yeeaah, i'm gonna go start gettin ready, because i've been hella lazy today, so i'll write laterr! x O x!

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I dont have a subject. [17 Mar 2004|10:41pm]
Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is Potential. Impossible is temporary. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

...Damn right.
Dude, I went tanning for 10 minutes today. I didn't even get that dark, what the fuck man. Ari only went in for FOUR. hahaha. no no I love you Ari. lol. soo, we went after school back to her house, did some livejournal stalking/scared her to death with my crazy email thing that...scares people to death. heh. then we went over to my grandmas house (yea were real cool) to get sunscreen for Ari so her face doesn't burn! aww. haha. my uncles were there. enough said. we went tanning.

she took me back to my grandmas house for our family st. patricks day "party" in which didn't really consist of much except for food and beer. yep. so i called chris to see if he wanted to come. and yes. he did. but noo he wanted a cheesecake!!! dont ask. okay so lets just say i had like.. 4 inch high "stripper" boots today. i fucking walked from my grandmas house to the party store, which is like 2 blocks away to get pie crust and the cheesecake stuff. THEY DIDNT HAVE IT. i walked to cvs to see, which is like, another 5 blocks away...THEY DIDNT HAVE IT.

so i walk to oakridge which is at least another...3 blocks away from that point. they had it! so i bought the shit, and i was really tired, so i walked to the royal oak library and did random livejournal stalking on the computer there. then i walked back to cvs, got angry and called my mother to come get me. she came and got me. we got back to my grandmas house, in where i was going to make the cheesecake for chris. i realized i forgot the whip cream.

DUDE you NEED whip cream. so i made my mom take me to go get whip cream, while i was there i tried to find green food coloring so i could make up a sweet excuse for my mother to accept the fact that i was going to be drinking. that plan didnt work out so well because they were all out......figures.

so we get back, i make the cheesecake...or at least try to, while, of course i am on my first *NON GREEN* beer. not a good mix. and then chris shows up..by that time i have to admit i was on my 2nd beer. oh dude, then i realized i needed to let it sit in the fridge for 3 fucking hours...god dammit. okay so that plan failed. chris has to wait till tomorrow for my yummy cheesecake. mmmm. SO...i didnt want my mother to know i was still drinking, so being stupid olivia, i pour my last beer into an empty pop can, thinking that it would be fine.

...20 minutes later my mom goes... oh olivia, can i have a sip of your pop? and i was like hahah..um its beer...and shes like yeah okay whatever, thinking i was joking...then she flipped out about me being a raging alcho at such a young age...psh my ass. okay so she took that beer from me. damn. i was so close.

me and chris left my grandmas and went to taco bell.....who the fuck spends $11.00 at taco bell?!? yeah. we're fatties. anyway, we go back to my house where chris and i are both acting fucked up. i don't really know why. i hit my head. i fell off the bed. i almost got whiplash. dude. why do these things happen to me in my own room?

umm yeah. then we watched radio kind of. not really though. then he left and now im here. were getting him a sweeeet system for his car. him meaning chris. okay. i've def written too much.

who puts that much effort into a fucking chesecake.
well, unless youre stoned. i wasn't...tonight. i promise.

i was almost tempted to tan today with my bra on. i decided naked is better. naked is always better right?! heh heh

i wore this pin today that said "drugs are bad...mmkay" it was sweet. duh im olivia, i hate drugs! yeep.

what am i talking about?

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